Smart Safety and Security

Creating and maintaining a Safe City

Incorporating technology in safety and security is paramount for running Century City effectively.  Visibility and monitoring via connected HD cameras on street light poles, coupled with data analytics is used to scan license plates and car details for real-time tracking, assisting in rescues in emergency cases, alerting first responders and police, preventing crime and many more.  Such connectivity also includes increased efficiency in the surveillance of buildings, roads and traffic flow.

Century City’s state of the art Security Operations Centre or SOC, is the hub of where all the relevant information comes together via our various technological touchpoints and human interaction, where we analyse that information and mobilise the necessary responses.

Our SOC and its related network of camera systems, vehicles, security personnel and software are constantly reviewed and upgraded, and we aim to drive innovation – being the front runners in creating a Safe City. Find out more about our Smart Security here.

The 24/7 SOC can be contacted on 021 202 1000.