Century city Property Owners Association

Management of The Century City Precinct

The Century City Property Owners’ Association, functioning as a mini municipality, is responsible for the management of the entire Century City Precinct. All property owners at Century City automatically become members of the CCPOA.

Non profit Responsibilities

Monthly levY System

A General Levy

Payable by all owners on a pro rata basis based on the per square metre of floor space, excluding parking, or on the basis of the number of residential units owned.

A Precinct Levy

Payable by owners within a particular precinct who seek additional, ongoing services within the precinct from the CCPOA (e.g. additional security).

A Special Levy

Payable by precinct owners who seek additional one-off projects within the precinct (e.g. brick paving).

Property owners at Century City have adopted the developer’s vision of a ‘new urbanist’ lifestyle set in a safe, clean and attractive environment enhancing the quality of life, human spirit and comfort.

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Precinct Name
Current Director
Email Address
Grand Moorings
L Metcalf
GW Deans (Chairman)
Century Gate
N Khan
Century View
FJ Grunewald
Canal Walk
GA Wood
Grand Central
A Usher
The Estuary
SP Brand
VS Gutsche

In addition, the developer, Rabie Property Group, nominates 3 Directors:

JAL Chapman  johnc@rabie.co.za

C.W Green  colin@rabie.co.za

CS McMaster  chrism@rabie.co.za