Meet The Team

committed to century city

The Century City Property Owners’ Association, functioning as a mini municipality, is responsible for the management of the entire Century City Precinct. Our staff complement is around 120, with the majority made up of our various landscaping and maintenance and infrastructure teams

Safety & Security Team

The division is overall responsible for the Safety and Security of Century City. It Includes managing a 24/7 security operations centre and all related technology deployed inside and outside the centre. All tactical deployments of response personnel and foot and bicycle patrols are handled in the division.

The safety and security team manages all medical and fire emergencies in public spaces and supports private institutions in these efforts until the arrival of the CoCT emergency services. The division coordinates with the CoCT on all security and related matters regarding the event in Century City and supports the city in enforcing city by-laws. Traffic management is also one of the safety and security division’s core functions supporting the CoCT dedicated traffic team to Century City.

Staff Compliment: Consists of over 100 security staff members and a traffic officer team.

Facilities & Infrastructure Team

Facilities & Infrastructure, made up of the Infrastructure & Buildings Department, Maintenance Department, Stores Management Department.

Streetlight maintenance, pump repairs, treated effluent water management for irrigation & green buildings, CCPOA vehicle and aquatic fleet maintenance, bulk services maintenance, building maintenance, Infrastructure repairs and painting, site cleanliness and waste management, stock management, CCPOA depot management, Special Projects management, close interaction with the various City Of Cape Town departments.

Staff Compliment: Approx 35 staff members

Environmental, Horticulture & Sporting Codes

Overseeing the functionalities of the various sections, budgets, staff and projects.

Dealing with all matters environmentally related. Liaison with residents, private POAs and businesses on environmental matters, queries and advise. Creating awareness on environmental issues and partaking in/presenting environmental awareness days, events, forums, conferences, etc. Engaging with various relevant stakeholders in the field on environmental management, nature conservation, water quality, waste management, environmental education, eco-tourism, landscaping and horticulture, and sustainability, to foster healthy partnerships to promote sustainable environmental practices.

Promoting and implementing the principles of a SMART Environment Sustainability, e.g. through expanding common areas/parks, introducing new technologies, the use of renewable resources, reducing our carbon footprint, promoting citizen science, etc.

Dealing with the various sporting clubs and codes making use of common areas in Century City, including bootcamp, touchies, Century City canoe, Century City sup, Century City athletics, parkrun, dragonboats, etc. Promoting sport and sports facilities in the precinct, as we as the establishment of new clubs, e.g. tennis, etc. Facilitating events on common areas, such as sporting events, birthday parties, corporate events, team building, etc.

Staff Compliment: approx 75 members

Intaka Island Team

Landscaping Team

Eco Centre – Eco Centre Manager

Running a full time environmental education program to over 170 different schools from across the Western Cape. Venue hire of an Activity Centre, Lapa and Energy Cube Room for birthday parties, corporate events, training, etc. Hosting events such as a Winter Night Market, Fathers’ day sleepover, full moon hike and other educational programs linked to an annual environmental calendar. Providing a worldclass Eco Tourism facility with over 35 000 both local and overseas visitors.

Intaka Island Nature Conservation & Waste Management

Management of the Intaka Island Nature Conservation Site. Overseeing the propagation program of the CCPOA Nursery on Intaka, which supplies in-house plants to both the Intaka fynbos restoration program and the horticultural planting program. Doing active vegetation restoration through planting and seed sowing. Fire management, alien vegetation clearing, data collection & monitoring e.g. fish surveys, camera trapping, fixed photo plot monitoring, etc. Facilitating animal rescues and rehabilitation with other NGOs. Maintenance of visitor infrastructure e.g. bird hides, pathways, etc. and cells of wetland. Partaking in/presenting environmental open & awareness days.

Management of the CCPOA inhouse recycle waste area where we deal with garden refuge (from horticulture), aquatic vegetation (from canals) and general waste (from infrastructure); 2 refuge rooms for businesses around Central Park located at Esplanade and Park lane, and the Drop and Go facility next to Porsche. The precinct generates an annual average of 12 000kg of general waste, of which 75% is recycled off site.  Garden and aquatic waste is also recycled off site and later added as compost to CCPOA gardens, as part of the sustainable re-use of resources

Canal Maintenance – Canal Maintenance Supervisor

Maintenance of the CC waterways, though harvesting of aquatic plants with large and small harvesters, maintenance of canal verge vegetation and daily litter pickups / removing of foreign objects such as shopping trolleys, etc. Upkeep of water features, e.g. Quays, CCUS, Ratanga Park. Ensuring water quality of canals through treatment programs such as installing barley bay bags, chemical treatments, etc.

Horticulture & Landscaping

The upkeep and revamp of all natural common areas in the precinct. Ongoing weeding, composting, fertilizing and revamping of over 23 000m2 gardens, mowing of 51 000m2 lawned areas e.g. medians, circles, vacant plots, road reserves and pruning of all indigenous trees and hedges on common areas throughout the precinct. Pest control, removal of invasive exotic plant species and indigenous tree planting program. Maintenance of Central Park sports field, Manhattan- and Ratanga Parks. Liaison with private POAs wrt private landscaping standards and other roleplayers and landowners such as the City of Cape Town.

Marketing Team

The Marketing Department is responsible for the management and implementation of all brand and marketing activities and events of the CCPOA – this includes Century City, Century City Arts Foundation and Intaka Island.  We play a vital role in promoting the business and mission of the precinct. Our social media and digital marketing enable us to connect with our audience, grow our audience and build credible relationships. We conduct customer and market research that helps us define target markets and opportunities and helps us understand how our products and services are perceived and where we need to improve on.

The marketing department is heavily involved in various events, sports club initiatives and community activities.

 Finance & Admin Team

The finance and admin team is the backbone of CCPOA and in charge of all administration and financial matters. They ensure that there are checks and balances in all aspects of our business be it Budgets, Debtors, Creditors, Cash Flow, HR or tax matters.


Division Heads

Chris Blackshaw


Chris was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Century City Property Owners’ Association (CCPOA) in September 2005 after 21 years’ experience in local government, much of which was spent at the forefront of its restructuring and transformation.

The CCPOA is the non-profit company responsible for the management of the Century City precinct.  Its functions and services include security, transport, infrastructure, maintenance, environmental conservation and waterways, landscaping and waste management.

These functions are not dissimilar to that of a municipality and the skills Chris acquired in the City have stood him in good stead to guide the CCPOA into an organisation that can meet the continually evolving needs of the burgeoning Century City development and its community.

Marinus Boshoff

Safety & Security Manager

After serving as a senior officer in the military, he has spent his entire professional career within the security industry. He has extensive experience in physical security to technology deployments for urban environments. 

He also completed a BA (Hons) in Business Management and an MBA in the UK, specialising in corporate governance and risk, where he is registered with the UK Chartered Management Institute after completing his diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership Practice. Marinus is also a father of three and spends his free time working with kids with disabilities.

Gordon Ralph

Facilities & Infrastructure Manager

Gordon hails from Kwazulu-Natal and joined Century City in 1998, even before Canal Walk was constructed or the CCPOA was formed.  He worked at Sun International at Sun City prior to relocating to Century City. 

Gordon has qualifications in Facilities Management (UFS) and Horticulture (Unisa).

He is an avid mountain biker, runner and he loves partaking in water sport in the ocean.

Louise de Roubaix

Manager: Environmental, Horticulture & Sporting Codes

Louise de Roubaix is part of the CCPOA has over 22 years’ experience in the conservation & environmental field, working for all three spheres of Government as well as NGOs in South Africa and abroad. She joined the CCPOA in March 2020.

Louise’s portfolio deals with all matters environmentally related, which includes overseeing the various environmental departments – Intaka Eco Centre, Intaka Island Nature Reserve & In-house Nursery, Landscaping & Horticulture, Canal Maintenance, Waste Management and all other Environmental Management issues and projects within the Century City precinct. Louise is also the liaison person for CCPOA for all Century City Sporting Clubs such as the Century City Athletics Club, Canoe Club, Dragonboats, parkrun, Touch rugby, Kayaks/SUPs, etc. and deals with special events taking place on our common areas including Central Park, Ratanga Park, the waterways and running route.

Richard Mandulo

Transport & Projects Manager

Richard hails from Eastern Cape and joined the CCPOA team in 2012. Starting off as Transport Manager, he soon made himself an indispensable member of our team with his-nothing-is-too-much-trouble approach, his sense of humour and his warm and engaging personality always ready with a wise and witty chirp or a well-meaning tease.

Richard’s role was expanded in 2018 to include that of Projects Manager and he is a member of the team responsible for managing specific Capital Projects, assisting in the development of project plans and thereafter implementing these plans.

He holds several industry qualifications including a Road Transport Management (Passengers) diploma (NQF Level 3) and a Road Transport Management (Passengers) (NQF Level 5) both through the University of Johannesburg.

A father of four, Richard is passionate about his family and loves more than anything to unwind watching a good game of rugby with his family and friends.

Sandra Clothier

Financial Manager

Sandra heads up the Finance Department since joining the team in 2015.  Sandra and her very efficient team, which includes Anthea Davids and Rene Yeats, are responsible for Financial Reporting, Budgeting, Cash Management, Payroll, Debtors and Creditors.

She has a Higher Diploma in Cost and Management Accounting and has significant experience in Retail and Manufacturing.  Her career of almost 40 years includes working for Renown, Baker Street Snacks, Kauai and Timeless Africa Safaris.

In her spare time she loves spending time with family, taking her dogs for walks, experimenting in the kitchen and she enjoys a number of arts and crafts.

Tara Engelbrecht

Brand & Marketing Manager

Tara was appointed as the Brand & Marketing Manager on 16 January 2023 and heads up the Marketing Department of the CCPOA.

She has worked in the relationship and retail marketing industry for over 16 years and has provided the marketing function to several property and investment firms, some of which include Growthpoint Properties, Redefine Properties, Old Mutual Investment Group and Acucap Properties.

She has gained a great deal of experience and knowledge within both the property and marketing industry and is joined at the CCPOA by an incredibly creative designer, Junaid Omar, and will soon be joined by a newly appointed social media co-ordinator on 1 July 2023.

In her spare time, she enjoys exercising, hiking and spending time with family and friends.

Natalie du Preez

Communications Manager

In conjunction with her role at CCPOA, Natalie heads up the marketing department in the position of Marketing and Communications Manager at Rabie Property Group.  She joined Rabie in 2019 from managing her own business of consulting and freelancing for two years.

Prior to that, her property career spans 17 years, during which she held positions which included Head of Property Management at ENSafrica, Regional Manager and Asset Manager at Acucap Properties and Portfolio Manager at Absa Real Estate Management. Experiencing real estate from various viewpoints has resulted in her gaining extensive knowledge in the residential, commercial, and retail property sectors.

Lynn Ford

PA to CEO, HR Officer, Office Manager

Lynn is Personal Assistant to the CEO, Chris Blackshaw and has been with the CCPOA since May 2002. She is also the Office Manager and HR Officer, and an integral part of the team.

Her responsibilities span over a range of duties, and she often brings order to the office chaos.

She grew up in Edgemead and has been married for 24 years and has a son of 22 and a daughter of 18.