Smart Environmental Sustainability

Growing and developing responsibly

Environmental sustainability is a key element for a Smart City to integrate fully. By using advanced technology and other innovative ways, we can shape a precinct that’s better equipped to address today’s urban challenges which have a negative impact on the environment.

Starting with our most precious natural treasure, the protection and education of Intaka Island, a 16ha protected wetland at the centre of Century City is an integral part of the overall integration of people, development and the sensitivities of true conservation. Home to 231 species of indigenous plants, 120 bird species and a number of small ground animals, Intaka Island has an internationally recognised heronry, is the starting point of Birds of Life’s Flamingo Birding Route and is recognised as a voluntary conservation site by Cape Nature.

Through creating an environment where people can walk and cycle, carbon emissions are reduced. Energy efficiency, water efficiency and smart ways of managing waste are all part of the Century City daily way of life.

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