Century City's latest smart initiaties


We’re connected directly to the City of Cape Town!

Solution House has completed My Incident Desk’s integration with the City of Cape Town’s SAP and C3 service management systems, enabling urban managers and central improvement districts to submit service requests directly, quickly, and easily from Incident Desk to the City’s systems.

This integration allows Century City’s Service Operations Centre (SOC) to directly log urban management and maintenance service requests with the City of Cape Town from Incident Desk. The SOC receives a reference number from the City of Cape Town now in Incident Desk, eliminating double work and improving efficiencies. The service requests mainly focus on public space maintenance requests and include specific by-law infringements.

This revolution in city management has been made possible by My Incident Desk’s distributed and decentralised solution architecture and the ongoing addition of innovative new tools including smartphone apps, facial recognition, and real-time service dispatching.

My Incident Desk is underpinned by a network of national, regional, and local service providers, security firms and urban managers.

While many other service management solutions struggle to properly manage city precincts and metros, Solution House has succeeded in not just enabling smart precincts, but in combining these precincts into smart cities, and the smart cities into a ‘smart country’ model, says Tiaan Janse van Rensburg, commercial director of Incident Desk.

“While the realisation of a smart country vision is still some way off, it starts with smart precincts, interconnected into a countrywide success story,” he adds.

“Over the last few years, we have enabled many city precincts to move from merely managing their areas to joining an integrated, smart city-enabled, real-time environment. Next, we will actively help to move forward-looking urban areas from urban precincts to a smart city set-up and to become part of the smart country paradigm.”

What is Incident Desk?

Incident Desk is a service management platform that empowers companies to streamline and improve their service management processes.


Bridgeways precinct’s parking goes cashless

In line with our smart city goals, RPA Property Administration, who manages several buildings in the Bridgeways precinct has, together with its service provider, Risque Dynamics, turned all the publicly accessible parking decks in the precinct to cashless paid parking.

“We’ve gone cashless in the parking decks we manage in the Bridgeways precinct, keeping it smart in Cape Town’s smart city!”, says Leigh Metcalf, Director of RPA.  “Visitors can pay for their parking in two ways: by scanning the QR code on their tickets and pay with Masterpass or Zapper or by paying by card at the paystation.”

“Going cashless reduces so much risk of fraud, money handling, banking cash and all the other variables and admin intensive processes association with handling cash.”

Cashless parking decks are P1, P2, P3 and P4 that service various buildings around Century City Square and Bridgewater, as well as the parking area at The Collosseum and Cape Town Marriott Hotel Crystal Towers.


We’ve rebranded our SOC


The Century City Security Operations Centre is the heartbeat of the Century City Property Owners’ Association and has evolved into the nodal point for running security, maintenance, and infrastructure operations over the last few years.

All the Century City Security technology is housed in this centre, ranging from number plate recognition to public space surveillance. A dedicated technical team manages these technologies to ensure everything is operating optimally.  The SOC management staff are trained to deal with medical, traffic and security incidents as well as any maintenance and infrastructure concerns in public spaces. The City of Cape Town disaster management evaluates the SOC personnel annually to ensure they comply with the latest legislative requirements. Through the SOC urban management platform, sewerage leaks, broken streetlights and portable water delivery problems can be reported directly to the City of Cape Town. During serious private property incidents, the SOC will also coordinate responses to support the security teams on site.

It’s due to the variety of matters that the SOC deal and assist with, over and above safety and security, that we’ve rebranded from Century City Security Operations Centre to Century City Service Operations Centre.

The SOC runs on a 24/7 basis and can be easily reached on 021 202 1000. Save the number on your phone for easy access.


Security Expo in partnership with Securitas

The 2022 Safety and Security strategic review identified areas for improvement in the second and third tiers of security in Century City. As part of the CCPOA safety and security awareness campaign, the first Century City Technology exhibition took place in partnership with Securitas on 25 May in the Century City Clubhouse. Exhibition stations displayed all Smart City integrated security solution technology services in Century City. This afforded businesses and residents the opportunity to experience all the different tiers of holistic security services in real time and discover new ways of securing their property.