The votes are in: Century City remains tops!

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Date 18 October 2019

Century City, Cape Town’s largest privately managed mixed-use precinct, remains tops according to its residents and businesses.  The results of a recently completed customer satisfaction survey, indicated that 84% of people rate Century City’s overall experience as good or excellent.  A further 11% say fair, 4% don’t know and only 1% say poor. This result has remained consistently high since the first survey was undertaken in 2006.

“It’s vital for us to understand how our residents and businesses experience Century City.  We need to know not only what we are doing right, but as importantly where we can improve” says Chris Blackshaw, CEO of Century City Property Owners’ Association who manages the precinct.  “We are encouraged that we have such a high satisfaction rate, year after year, yet we can not afford to become complacent and need to continually aim to improve and innovate to the highest levels possible. 

Respondents indicated increased satisfaction ratings in all key services such as infrastructure, safety and security, traffic management, public transport, environmental management, amenities and marketing.  Satisfaction rates in these areas were in excess of 80%. 

In the ranking of priorities for the Century City users, safety and security was by far the most important key service, with infrastructure management and services as the second highest priority.

“In terms of safety and security, our Security Operations Centre and the various levels of technology we use to prevent, monitor and combat crime is cutting edge and we are consistently on a drive to ensure that we stay ahead of the game”, says Blackshaw. “ We prioritise safety and security as much as the people who live, work and frequent Century City do.”