Taking care of our city

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Date 05 April 2022

Centrally managing a precinct such as Century City involves an intricate network between management of the four key elements, which are Urban Management Services, Traffic Management, Disaster Management, and Incident Management. 

“Our various teams ensure that all infrastructure maintenance is taken care of, as well as area cleaning, landscaping and general repairs and maintenance of the areas under our control,” says Gordon Ralph, Facilities & Infrastructure Manager at Century City Property Owners’ Association (CCPOA).

Urban Precinct Management is the foundation of any well-run precinct, and it also serves as the juncture where the other segments, namely safety and security, environmental sustainability, communication, and community, converge.  Being so multi-faceted, it has an array of touchpoints and focus areas that must be managed and controlled efficiently to ensure a successful whole.

Ralph explains that it is therefore vital that all the teams within CCPOA have synergy and that communication with stakeholders and the community remains a priority.

“As a smart city, we look at managing Century City as a world-class precinct through the lenses of always aiming to improve the way we do things. We achieve this with the assistance of technology where possible, while always aiming for responsible environmental sustainability.”

Let’s look at the key focus areas of Urban Precinct Management within Century City, and some of the smart practices we have implemented:

Smart water management

  1. CCPOA supplies property owners treated effluent water that is used for irrigation and, in all green buildings, for air-conditioning (HVAC), and flushing of toilets.
  2. A fully automated treated effluent and irrigation system, controlled by a telemetry system, services the entire precinct’s common area landscaping.
  3. A network of canal recirculation pumps assists in maintaining the water quality of the 8.5km of canals across the precinct.
  4. Water Quality Management Plan in place with Specialist River and Wetland Consultant advising with water quality monitoring in the canals, storm water detention pond and wetland system.
  5. The canal and wetland system are part of the storm water management system.  This is a huge savings to the developer during the construction of buildings when compared to other precinct developers


Smart energy management

  1. LED lights are utilised in all new street light installations.
  2. Electric vehicle charging stations are available at various car dealerships. BMW Century City has two charging stations available to the public, and Mercedes offers two charging stations by appointment.  Porsche Century City has one charging station for exclusive use by Porsche owners.
  3. Solar system management for CCPOA Buildings.

Smart traffic and public movement management

  1. Live traffic updates that are available on the website, updating every minute.
  2. Pedestrian and vehicle wayfinding signage system in place
  3. Running and cycling routes are available across the precinct, which promotes the health and wellbeing of the community. It also forms part of our 15-minute smart city, which means that you can walk or cycle to any destination within the precinct by not using a fuel-driven vehicle.
  4. Having access to fast and efficient transport through the MyCiTi bus network throughout Century City smartly alleviates parking problems, lessens carbon emissions, and gets you where you want to be, faster.
  5. Century City has two Public Transport Interchanges (PTI) where Golden Arrows Bus Services, MyCiTi Busses, and the Taxi Associations converge.  These PTI’s are managed and cleaned by the CCPOA.  Free WiFi is available at the PTIs as well as at some MyCiTi stops and 24 hours security guards are deployed at these interchanges.
  6. E-Parking open parking areas provide alternative safe and secure parking for office workers and entry and egress is controlled by smart card.

Smart communication

  1. Digital radio communication network is utilised for security and maintenance purposes
  2. Free Community WIFI in partnership with Century City Connect
  3. Agreement with American Tower Corporation SA to provide the best cellular coverage with the least aesthetic intrusion

Smart facilities management and incident reporting

  1. Pavement and Bridge Management System in place to monitor and predict maintenance requirements to extend the lifespan of these valuable assets.
  2. Incident Desk Management System for maintenance recording and monitoring.  From our Security Operations Centre (SOC), we are connected through various touch points to internal and external role players in managing our urban precinct.


“We continuously look for smart ways to do what we do,” says Ralph. “Even though we have successfully implemented elements that work decades ago, we should never stop innovating and improving.”