Seven saved from Ratanga “inferno”

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Date 09 November 2018

Onlookers watched in horror as fire swept through the old front of house offices at the Century Boulevard entrance to Ratanga Junction and sighed with visible relief when four staff members, suffering from smoke inhalation, managed to escape the building.

First on the scene were Century City Security who broke into two teams, one to assist the injured on the ground, and the other to scour the building for any others who might be trapped in the inferno.

They soon ran out the building brandishing three persons on stretchers who had been overcome by smoke inhalation and got them to safety before applying first aid.

Within minutes three ER24 ambulances arrived on the scene and took over the treatment of the injured.

The smoke was caused by smoke grenades and there was no real fire and no real injuries. It was all part of an annual joint simulation exercise by Century City Security, Milnerton Traffic Services, ER24  and City Disaster Risk Management to test and evaluate the operational preparedness of all security and emergency response personnel.

The one hour exercise, which took place at 11 am on 9 November, did not require any road closure thanks to Minerton Traffic officers assisting in channelling the emergency response vehicles on Century Boulevard to the incident area and managing traffic flow.