Security Operations Centre Emergency Number

021 202 1000

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Date 22 September 2018

The Century City Security Operations Centre is available 24/7 and can be phoned in case of any emergency or for any suspicious activity.

Marinus Boschoff, Century City’s new Safety & Security Manager said they were calling on all stakeholders in Century City to join forces with them in the fight against crime in order to maintain a safe and secure environment.

“We all need to become more vigilant. If you notice something suspicious don’t keep it to yourself. Dial 021 202 1000 and let our Security Operations Centre know and we will investigate.

“In so doing you might very well help prevent or solve a crime.There are more than 50 000 people living and/or working in our city within a city. If we all keep our ears and eyes open, we can make a major difference. It is this sense of neighbourly concern and engagement that can really help us keep Century City safe.”