Sable Bridge is a catalyst for new partnerships in crime prevention


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Date 01 August 2022

Century City’s Sable bridge, the precinct’s predominant gateway, has experienced increases in children and young adults begging and related criminal activity on the bridge.

“Unfortunately, these associated crimes affect not only motorists but also the significant number of pedestrians commuting from the Century City train station and Kensington,” says Marinus Boshoff, Safety and Security Manager for the Century City Property Owners’ Association (CCPOA). 

“The bridge is a public space, yet it forms an intrinsic part of Century City. The only way we could make any headway on this matter was to form partnerships with the Kensington Community, Law Enforcement, Social Development and various other stakeholders.”

Successful programmes to get kids off the street and reintegrate them into family environments, schools, and social programs have proven to work. Unfortunately, due to the lucrative opportunity begging has created on the bridge, it continues to attract wayward children.

“The City of Cape Town’s social development interventions must be commended for their work so far,” says Boshoff. “To support their efforts, a joint public safety component was added.”

This deployment will work closely with Law Enforcement agencies and community stakeholders to not only assist with crime prevention and eradication but also the critical social development elements required.

“As Sub Council Chairperson for the area, I applaud the work done by the Councillor as well as the partnering spirit of the CCPOA,” says counsellor Angus McKenzie. “It is indeed difficult to do it alone; however, together, we can achieve so much more.”

“Commuters, workers, and shoppers can look forward to a safer passage of travel on Sable bridge, and those forced into begging can be assured that through this partnership, we will work to uplift the circumstances they face.”

“We would like to thank the CCPOA for all the work they do, and we commend them for their willingness to partner with other stakeholders and us to make our city safer,” said Alderman JP Smith, deputy leader of the DA in the Western Cape.

Speaking about the City’s law enforcement measures, Smith continued, “We are adding to the City CCTV cameras quite a bit, and we’ve also hired more analysts. We have integrated our CCTV system with our Epic software to log every incident registered. In addition, we have changed the way we operate from a response point of view. Instead of only the camera response team reacting, we now have every response unit responding, be they traffic, law enforcement, private security companies and so on. We are happy to make Century City part of that partnership.”