Rotary Club of Century City gifts Sundial to Intaka Island

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Date 22 March 2021

A beautiful sundial was gifted to Century City’s Intaka Island by the Rotary Club of Century City Cape Town, cementing a common vision of supporting and promoting education.

“The idea behind the project is to create an informative and useful structure for all visitors in the area, as well as to create an awareness of Rotary and our Club by having a visible long-lasting monument that creates interest and also serves to educate.” says Club President, Deidre Crouser

The Rotary Club of Century City Cape Town was chartered on 18 July 2018, sharing a birthday with Nelson Mandela.  The Club chartered with 21 members, contributing to the 1,2 million members and 35,000 clubs internationally.  The Club is made up of a diverse group of people, all working towards common causes which include promoting peace; fighting disease; providing clean water, sanitation, and hygiene; saving mothers and children; supporting education; growing local economies, and of course protecting the environment. Their key objective is to network and use their collective skills to benefit local communities in sustainable and rewarding ways. “Long lasting friendships are a ‘by-product’ of our efforts and the joy and satisfaction associated with doing good, resonates with our team.”

“The sundial is the oldest known instrument for telling time, allowing us to track the position of the sun more accurately. If they are correctly placed, sundials can be used to tell time down to the minute!  This generous gift is a great addition to Intaka Island, strengthening our focus on the education of how nature and science intertwine.” Says Chris Blackshaw, CEO of CCPOA.

The sundial can be found just outside the entrance to Intaka Island, opposite the locomotives.