Public Art Mural Addition to the Century City Arts Trail

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Date 30 August 2019


The Century City Arts Foundation (CCAF) recently sent out a request for proposals for a site-specific original and durable public art mural. Professional artists, art and design schools as well as the general public were invited to submit proposals for this exciting opportunity to provide a large scale work of art to be displayed on the abutment of a canal pedestrian bridge as part of the already established multi-faceted programme of outdoor artworks and educational exhibits known as the Century City Art Trail. Located immediately above the canal water, this permanent outdoor installation will be highly visible to the many pedestrians (office workers, shoppers, walkers and joggers) in the area.

Eight compelling and suitable proposals were received and considered by the CCAF trustees.  After a thorough evaluation, the decision was taken to award the project to award-winning South African Chris Auret for his proposal labelled, “Peace of Mind” which focuses on the serenity the allocated space, close to the water can offer, a space for relaxation, contemplation and peace of mind. The project is set to begin early September and be completed before the end of the month.

The Century City Art Trail currently comprises 25 different art exhibits, predominantly outdoor. Some of these exhibits have been commissioned by various corporate citizens of Century City and executed by community-based and other artists. It also includes a number of scientific and technological exhibits. Pedestrian level information plaques have been erected to explain each piece.

Another large scale project that has been commissioned by the CCAF is for the creation of a special “Photo Opportunity” on Intaka Island.  A large photo frame is being placed on Bird Mountain allowing visitors to “frame” themselves in an image overlooking cell 3 water body and Table Mountain.

September sees the return of the Century City Natural Goods Market and with that, the CCAF Art on the Island events return. In September guests to the market will be treated to a multiple medium art by 10:09 in September, a photo exhibition and competition of the wildlife on Intaka Island in October and in November the return of the Children’s Market.

The CCAF is always on the lookout for new additions to our Art Trail and art events diary to strengthen our current offering, so if you are interested in exhibiting, being a part of our Arts Trail or have a great idea for an event, please email Tatum on tatum@centurycity.co.za         

Photo caption: Chris Auret’s proposed mural artwork “Peace of Mind”