Knitting for Good

Oasis Care Centre's Knitting Club creates rainbows of warmth for the needy

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Date 04 May 2021

Creating rainbows of warmth, Oasis Care Centre's Knitting Club knits 60 colourful blankets every year for those in need.  In addition, colourful beanies are knitted for newborn babies who are taken care of by Nazareth House.  

"We love our knitting for good” says Mrs Dorothy Coulson, who not only knits, but who single-handedly sows the blocks together to make the blankets.   "We can knit with any colour and any wool! Any unused wool lying around at people’s homes or any donation would be greatly appreciated." 

The ladies, on average 90 years of age, enjoy the social aspect of spending time together while knitting.  With the goal of knitting for the needy, each lady knits as many blocks as she can manage and Mrs X sows them together into beautiful rainbow blankets.

“You know, this kept us going over the last year”, says Mrs Coulson, explaining that the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 epidemic has been a huge adjustment for the residents of Oasis Care Centre.  “The more stringent lockdown periods were the most difficult, as we did not see any family over Easter or Christmas, and we miss our weekly outings terribly. We used to drive out to the Winelands and went shopping twice a week.  We are not yet allowed to go out in public and some of us have family who may visit us.” 

However, the ladies agree that being a resident of Oasis Care Centre is a tremendous blessing. “I don’t know where I would have been if there was no Oasis Care Centre”, says Mrs Hanna Lazarus, a resident of 11 years.  “I came to Oasis directly from my house and with no friends or family, I am incredibly grateful to receive the care and attention we have here and to be part of this group of special ladies.”

The Oasis Care Centre Knitting Club are very proud to be able to make a difference in the lives of the destitute and the small babies that are taken care of by Nazareth House. 

One blanket costs R250 to make and the ladies aim to knit at least 60 blankets to donate to homes in need.  If you are able to donate wool for this worthy cause, please contact Anisha on ot@capetownoasis.co.za. Kindly note that the ladies are not able to go shopping, therefore wool donations are preferred.