Intaka Island Ecological Burn

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Date 26 February 2021

As was published in the January 2021 issue of the Century City Newsletter, a scheduled burn will take place of a section of the vegetation on Intaka Island, over the course of 1 day in March/April 2021.

The burn will only be conducted in favourable weather conditions and only on a weekday between Monday to Thursday.

The burn is required in terms of the Century City Environmental Management Plan (EMP) and is endorsed by the Intaka Island Blouvlei Management Committee. The EMP states that this specific section of Sand Plain Fynbos on the Northern half of Intaka Island must be burnt every fifteen years. This habitat requires the proliferation of a natural fire regime, without which the unique and irreplaceable indigenous vegetation would not be able to regenerate.

The section of Intaka Island to be burnt is indicated on the map below.

The burn will be conducted by a professional wildfire service provider, in conjunction with the Cape Peninsula Fire Protection Association, Working on Fire and the City’s Fire & Rescue Services and overseen by the Century City Property Owner’s Association.

When the burn takes place, surrounding residents are advised to keep their windows shut. Flammable items such as gas canisters should be removed from outside areas and laundry should be taken off washing lines to prevent odour contamination from the smoke. Sprinklers may be used to dampen gardens as a further precautionary measure.

On the day of the burn, a general notice will go out on all our social media platforms. Please like or follow us on these platforms to ensure you stay informed (links below): http://centurycity.co.za/news|https://intaka.co.za/news  https://www.facebook.com/CenturyCityZA/  https://www.facebook.com/IntakaIsland/

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For more information, feel free to contact, Louise de Roubaix, CCPOA Environmental & Horticulture Manager on louise@centurycity.co.za.