Hitting the paths and trails

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Date 29 January 2021
External Link Wayfinding Map

Century City’s network of paths and trails has been designed to be used by both pedestrians and cyclists to ensure that our entire community are able to enjoy the outdoors.  In the light of a few incidents of cyclists speeding and a couple of near misses with pedestrians, we would like to remind cyclists to kindly be considerate of all who make use of the paths. There is a large and growing number of avid walkers and joggers in Century City and we would like to ensure that everyone is able to safely use our public spaces.

Your kind courtesy to others and mindfulness of the environment, will continue to make it a great experience for all using the facilities.

In addition, we would like to remind all our users of the paths and trails available, you can download a map here

Image courtesy and the property of @saumyatiwarigautam