Four-car pile-up causes havoc at Century City


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Date 15 June 2022

On Wednesday morning, drivers and pedestrians were shocked as one vehicle after the other collided with a terrible crash!

Glass and debris were strewn across the road from the force of the high impact pile-up and smoke billowed from the mangled wrecks.  The pandemonium reached fever pitched as onlookers started shouting that someone was still in the vehicle, while the flames reached higher and higher.

As if from nowhere, the Century City Venue hosts arrived, and checked for survivors to assist. Within minutes the wailing sound of sirens filled the air with emergency vehicles arriving on mass – Metro Emergency Medical Services, the Fire Department, Disaster Management, Traffic Services and Law Enforcement.

Other motorists and office workers watched in horror as dozens of rescue workers rushed to assist the injured, while the Fire Department attended to the dousing of the flames and the freeing of the trapped driver.

Within half an hour, the ambulances had ferried the injured away and the vehicles were cleared from the scene, with all rescue workers decamping for a debriefing.

Marinus Boshoff, Safety & Security Manager at Century City Property Owners' Association reports, “The four-car pile-up took place just behind Century Village on Century Avenue.  As the CCTV on all our roads are constantly monitored in our Security Operations Centre, we could react immediately when our control room saw the crash occur.  Our teams informed all the relevant emergency teams right away.”

“At this stage, it is believed that the first vehicle stopped dead in the road, as the driver believed that he missed his turn-off.  A speeding driver, who was also texting at the time, did not see the stationary vehicle and crashed into the back. The momentum caused his vehicle to veer across the lanes and the latter two drivers were unable to swerve away in time.”

Vusi Dlamini, eyewitness and owner of a store in Century Village, was startled by the loud bang. “I heard a terrible sound as metal crashed against metal.  And then, without warning, flames erupted, and things became really scary!  I could not believe how quickly the Century City vehicles arrived on the scene and I am just so relieved that nobody looked seriously injured. Even the lady that was trapped in her vehicle had minor scratches.”

Fortunately, the entire vehicle accident was a simulation, and no real injuries occurred. It was all part of an annual joint training exercise by Century City Safety and Security and the various emergency response teams to test and evaluate the operational readiness of security and emergency response personnel.

“It is crucial that the Century City team and all emergency teams practice with simulations like these, which is why they are as realistic as possible - without real fire and injuries of course.” says Boshoff. “This was not a single focus exercise, but all levels of safety and security were tested, which includes the command and control of incidents by the Century City Security Operations Centre (CCSOC), external stakeholders, as well as the capacity of Century City’s first responders.”