Encounters with our resident wildlife

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Date 26 February 2021

So, it’s not rare to find tortoises in your garden. But any wild animal such as tortoises, kept in captivity, generally live a miserable existence. It’s like you or me living like a prisoner for the rest of our lives, deprived of all our rights. A tortoise can’t be a pet as it would never behave like a normal domestic pet. If they escape your yard, they are not loyal enough to go back home. Tortoises are primitive animals, created to wander in the wild since the age of dinosaurs. 
With Intaka Island Nature Reserve on the doorsteps of a lot of residences and businesses, the chance of you having an encounter with one of our wildlife is highly likely. 

So, how can you help?

•    Firstly, don’t buy or keep a tortoise as a pet.
•    If you find a tortoise in the middle of a road, pick it up and place it safely in the direction it was moving. 
•    If you find a tortoise on its back, turn it over onto its feet and allow it to walk away. 
•    In general, avoid handling or picking up wildlife if not essential, as it stresses them out. For example, tortoises urinate once picked up and this may lead to dehydration and might even cause their death.
•    Tortoises like to be alone, so if you find one by itself that does not mean it is lost.
•    Don’t feed any tortoise.

This above would apply to most wildlife. Please forward any interesting Century City wildlife sightings to info@centurycity.co.za. Report any lost or misplaced wildlife to Century City Control Room at 021 202 1000.