Eco-Centre Living Green Wall

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Date 29 January 2021
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Vertical gardens are essentially a way of growing plants vertically up a wall and is a space-saving, cost-effective option to conventional gardening, A vertical garden can be hung on the wall (or sit against one) to stack plants, so you can fit several into one space, maximizing greenery and even making watering plants a little bit easier. They work by attaching a frame to a wall along with an irrigation and fertilization system to help nourish your plants.

The Eco-Centre installation illustrates a closed system living wall, whereby irrigation water is recycled through the system. The mechanics of the system is illustrated in the diagram above. Plants used for the installation are all indigenous water-wise plants, which are part of the Century City approved plant species list.

The vertical garden is yet another initiative by the Intaka Island Environmental Trust to promote the greening of our urban environment and educate visitors and residents on options for greening their space at the office or home. For more information on installations feel free to visit https://livinggreenwalls.co.za .