Successful Controlled Burn at Intaka Island

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Date 24 March 2021

On Tuesday, 23 March, a controlled burn was successfully conducted by the NCC Environmental Services and the Century City Property Owners’ Association crews under the watchful eye of the City’s Fire & Rescue Services.

The burn was conducted safely, with no injuries or damage to infrastructure. Firefighting crews remained on-site throughout the night to ensure all hotspots were extinguished. A search & rescue operation was carried out before and during the burn, to ensure  land moving wildlife such as our tortoises, chameleons and even our bee hives were safely removed. The majority of wildlife found their way into the 90% unburnt section of the reserve, which will be their sanctuary for the upcoming months, whilst this part of the reserve restores with new growth. Within hours after the burn a lot of insects, small mammals and birds were already observed returning to the area. 

A controlled burn was required in terms of the Century City Environmental Management Plan (EMP) and is endorsed by the Intaka Island Blouvlei Management Committee. The EMP states that this specific section of Sand Plain Fynbos on the Northern half of Intaka Island must be burnt every fifteen years. This habitat requires the proliferation of a natural fire regime, without which the unique and irreplaceable indigenous vegetation would not be able to regenerate. Fire ensures the veld is rejuvenated and new growth provides a fresh food source for our Intaka wildlife.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the crew and partner organizations for their exceptional work and dedication, as well as all residents and tenants in the area for their patience and for assisting us to ensure the health of our unique and irreplaceable indigenous vegetation, which needs a natural fire regime to regenerate.