CoCT Maintenance on Tygerberg Line

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Date 14 October 2021

The City’s Water and Sanitation Department is planning to shut down the 1 220mm Tygerberg water pipeline between Giel Basson Drive and Jakes Gerwel Drive, from Friday, 15 October 2021 to install a refurbished inline valve in the Smart Street area. This work sees completion of a project initiated in May this year, when the faulty valve was removed and sent for repairs. This will result in impacts on water supply from Friday at 18:00 until Sunday, 17 October 2021 at 06:00.

This line supplies the areas of Brooklyn, Sanddrift, Tygerhof, Rugby, Century City, Paarden Eiland, Joe Slovo, Phoenix, Kensington, Acacia Park and Goodwood. Arrangements have been made to supply these areas from other parts of the network while work is under way, but low pressure or short supply disruptions are a risk. Water tankers will be stationed near Acacia Park as this area will experience the most disruption.  

Careful consideration has been given to the planning of this work to ensure minimal disruption to residents.

Residents and businesses are kindly requested to reduce their water consumption during this period to reduce pressure on the network and the extent of possible water disruption while work is under way.
Residents are also advised to store water in clean, sealed containers in advance, and to ensure that their taps are left in the closed position during this period to prevent any water loss and/or water damage when the supply is restored.

The City regrets any inconvenience caused, however, it is imperative that it maintains its water supply infrastructure for the benefit of its consumers.

For further information, please visit the City's social media accounts, their website or contact them on 0860 103 089 or email contact.us@capetown.gov.za