Century City winning war against crime

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Date 22 June 2018

Century City security is making huge headway in stamping out crime in the precinct.

In fact no less than 22 arrests have been made in recent months, thanks to the diligence and hard work of our Security team and state-of-the-art Security Operation Centre (SOC) which was launched a year ago to keep Century City at the forefront of crime prevention and combatting initiatives in the Western Cape.

Century City head of security, Marinus Boshoff, said their strategy to date of combining the use of cutting-edge technology with highly visible policing and rapid emergency response had proven to be very successful in curbing crime. In fact over the past year there had been three drug related arrests, four housebreaking/theft arrests as well as two suspects apprehended for theft of motor vehicles.

“In each case, our team did the hard legwork and surveillance and called in either SAPS  or Metro Police to assist with the arrests.”

Boshoff said Century City had a zero tolerance to crime and would not stop “until criminals understand that if they commit crimes in this precinct they will get caught, they will get court and they will get jail!”

Chris Blackshaw, CEO of the Century City Property Owners’ Association, the non-profit company responsible for the day to day operations of the precinct, said the SOC, which operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, was the nerve centre of their safety and security operations.

“The SOC is really paying dividends in the fight against crime. The fact that Century City offers a safe and secure environment is one of its greatest attractions to those living and working here and the SOC, together with the new expanded and integrated services, is enabling us to keep it that way.”

Blackshaw said their fibre-based CCTV surveillance system with a network of dome and fixed cameras linked to digital video recorders,  together with their Licence Plate Recognition(LPR) cameras at all the entrances to Century City, are monitored in the SOC.

“In addition, our new expanded and integrated security solution provides for individual intruder detection alarm and CCTV monitoring-by-exception alerts of both commercial buildings and residential developments to also be fed to the SOC.

“These multiple sources of data and information enable the SOC to ensure an appropriate tactical response to any incidents that are detected.”