Century City Venue Hosts help save woman’s life

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Date 25 October 2018

The quick response and appropriate treatment by two Century City Venue Hosts of a 61-year-old Century View woman suffering an aneurysm saved her life.

Rholeen Jordaan had been attending the Century View AGM at the Century City Clubhouse on 1 August this year and they were about to elect a new chairman when she felt a pain shoot up the back of her neck to her head causing an “unbelievable headache that made her nauseous’’.

“It felt like my head was going to explode and I told the managing agent, Julio da Silva, whom I was chatting to that the pain was so intense I could not continue the conversation, so I went to sit in my car. He immediately called the Century City Venue Hosts and they arrived within minutes and took my blood pressure. The reading was through the roof at 207/111. “By then I was vomiting from the pain and the Senior Venue Hosts, Edward Snyders and Franklin Wessels, administered basic first aid to keep my airways clear and realising the seriousness of my situation immediately summoned an ambulance.

“When Netcare 911 arrived they briefed the ambulance team which took my blood pressure again and this time it indicated a reading of 214/109 so they inserted  a drip to help bring down my blood pressure and rushed me to N1 City Hospital.”

Rholeen says at some stage she suffered a stroke and has no recall of the ambulance ride or of being admitted to hospital where she spent two weeks in ICU before being discharged to a rehabilitation facility where she made a miraculous recovery and was discharged after three weeks.

“When I arrived at rehab my whole left side was lame and I was unable to do anything for myself but within three weeks I was walking and I am now as good as new. In fact, I have just passed my driving capacity test again and am now able to drive.

“I owe my fast recovery and indeed my life to the immediate response I received from the Century City Venue hosts. I am so grateful.”

In fact so much so that one of the first things Rholeen did after being discharged from rehab was to visit Wessels and Snyders with her 6-year-old laat lammetjie, Peyton,  to present them with gifts and thank you cards for saving her life. Peyton also thanked them for saving her mother’s life!

Head of Century City Security, Marinus Boschoff, says Venue Hosts were more often than not the first people at the scene of an emergency in the precinct and often had to take decisive action.

“They are well trained in this respect and do amazing work so it is very rewarding when this is acknowledged as in the case of Mrs Jordaan. This is really a story with a happy ending and we are delighted and proud our dedicated staff were able to play a part.”