Century City Joint Security Exercise - 10 June 2021

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Date 11 June 2021

"Shoot-out" on Century City Square

Marinus Boshoff, Safety & Security Manager at Century City Property Owners' Association reports that Craig Brucen, infamous underworld hoodlum and his security detail were having coffee on the terrace a local coffee shop in the area..  “A masked gunman was seen running from the square and jumped into an unmarked vehicle after wounding Mr Brucen and his security guard.  The vehicle then sped away towards Sable Road.”

One can argue whether fate played some cards when the speeding vehicle collided into an oncoming utility truck on Sable Road.  Both vehicles were rendered immobile, and drivers and passengers were injured, foiling the planned escape of the shooter and his driver.  Not being able to make a getaway, the shooter and his accomplice received medical attention and was arrested on the spot.

“I was getting my usual morning coffee at Seattle, when I heard a few loud bangs and saw a masked man running and jumping into a black Range Rover and speed away.” reports Thandeka Sithole, attorney who works at one of the local businesses in the area. “With the vehicle gone, I could see two men lying down in the square and within seconds, security was with the two men.  The scene was secured and soon emergency personnel, Century City security teams and the SAPS arrived.  I was incredibly impressed at the speed of how the various teams attended to what I could only assume was a crime scene, as the bangs turned out to be gun shots. Quite a different start to my morning, that’s for sure!”

Fortunately, the entire shooting and vehicle accident was a simulation, and no real injuries occurred. It was all part of an annual joint training exercise by Century City Safety and Security and the various emergency response teams to test and evaluate the operational readiness of security and emergency response personnel.

“We have to be ready for every eventuality”, says Boshoff. “Whether it is a water-based incident, fire, vehicular accident and even a shooting. To test the different scenarios gives our teams the necessary experience should we ever be faced with a crime scene such as the one in this exercise.”