Attempted Armed Robbery at Hillsong Church

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Date 30 October 2018

On Monday, 29 October 2018, two suspects - one of whom was armed with a firearm - entered Hillsong Church at 10.36am and tied up a security officer and three cleaning staff. They demanded keys for the safe which the staff did not have. The security officer managed to untie himself and alerted Century City Security who arrived at the scene at 11.28am. Not knowing if anyone was being held by the suspects, they treated the situation as a possible hostage, cordoned off the area and alerted SAPS. When SAPS arrived they entered the building to investigate and search for the suspects. By then the cleaning staff had also untied themselves and left the building through the front door where they were taken to safety by CCPOA Security. When no suspects were found inside the building, the cordon, which included part of Century City Boulevard, was lifted.

The suspects apparently got away with the cellphones of the three cleaning staff and an undisclosed amount of petty cash. No one was injured.

Century City Security is assisting SAPS with their investigation including providing access to CCTV footage of the surrounding area.

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