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LOCATION No 6 Canal Side,
Heron Crescent
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Established in South Africa in 1986, Skyline Global Logistics has vigorously sought to achieve and maintain the prime objective of service excellence within the logistics industry.

Intrinsic to the management of Skyline Global Logistics is a determination to align the service of the company with the demands of our customers, all requiring a world-class freight forwarder, capable of enhancing and adding value through the complete supply chain.

Keeping ahead of the ever-changing dynamics of the industry, Skyline Global Logistics has emerged as a market leader, with high priority being placed globally on direct solutions for our customers. Access to operations, administration and communication is afforded via a worldwide network of branch offices and like-minded partners capable of maintaining our commitment to service excellence.

Our strategy of partnering with industry leading service providers globally has ensured that Skyline Global Logistics firmly entrenches the quality of service the company offers internationally.