Unsung hero

Sean Hattingh, helping keep Century City safe

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Date 22 November 2017
Author Tatum Sieni
Contact Email info@centurycity.co.za
Contact Telephone +27 21 552 6889

Prior to joining Century City, Sean had been with the SAPS, and his first job in the private sector was as a  radio operator in the Canal Walk Control Centre, employed by Securicor who had the outsourced contract. He rose through the ranks and was then headhunted by the original developer of Century City, Monex, to manage the security of the common areas of Century City. At the time there was just Sean and one operator, a far cry from the more than 100 staff now responsible for Century City’s safety and security who work in three shifts through the day and night. Sean is in charge of running the control room of the Security Operations Centre (SOC) and is responsible for the technical infrastructure, the collation of
data and stats, and looking for trends to ascertain how best the SOC’s human resources can be deployed. The SOC, which opened earlier this year, is at the cutting edge of international trends to keep Century City at the forefront of crime prevention and combatting
initiatives in the Western Cape. Century City’s fibre-based CCTV surveillance system, with its network of dome and fixed cameras linked to digital video recorders, together with Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras at all the entrances to Century City, is monitored in the SOC. In addition, the newly expanded and integrated security solution provides for individual intruder detection alarms, and CCTV monitoring by exception alerts of both commercial buildings and residential developments are also fed to the SOC. “These multiple sources of data and information enable the SOC to ensure an appropriate tactical response to any incidents that are detected,’’ says Sean. Sean says it is chalk and
cheese from the early days when they had to rely on VHS footage at the various entrances to help solve cases. “This was reactive and time-consuming. “With our sophisticated cutting-edge technology we are
now able to focus much more on crime prevention than just reaction, and have had a number of breakthrough crime prevention cases as a result. “The fact that Century City offers a safe and  secure environment is one of its greatest attractions to those living and working here, and the SOC,
together with the new expanded and integrated services, will enable us to keep it that way.”