Tap into Century City’s recycled water supply to cut use of potable water

Century City commercial stakeholders are encouraged to tap into the CCPOA’s treated effluent supply line not only for irrigation purposes but also for flushing their toilets and for their cooling systems.

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Date 23 November 2017
Author Tatum Sieni
Contact Email info@centurycity.co.za
Contact Telephone +27 21 552 6889

Chris Blackshaw, CEO of the Century City Property Owners’ Association, says Century City is in a unique and fortunate position as the developers have installed a dedicated pipeline to convey treated effluent from the City of Cape Town’s Potsdam Water Works to Century City and this is available for irrigation and other uses via a metered connection.

Blackshaw said most, if not all, of the 17 Green Star rated buildings in Century City were using treated effluent for irrigation, flushing of toilets and for their cooling systems.

“Owners of some of the older buildings are looking at retrofitting them to be able to do so as well and we would urge all landlords to consider doing likewise.”

He said the charge rate for treated effluent was determined by the CCPOA based on input costs and a minimal CCPOA administrative charge but was considerably lower than that for potable water.

Blackshaw stresses that the treated effluent must under no circumstances be used for human consumption and the City Council’s Treated Effluent by-law needs to be adhered to including inter alia the use of different piping to distinguish it from drinking water pipes. Taps, valves and sprayers of treated wastewater must be so designed that only authorised people can open them and there can be no connection between the treated wastewater and potable water reticulation systems.


Wellpoints and boreholes

He said all groundwater abstraction points such as wellpoints and boreholes had to be registered with the CCPOA before they could be used.

“The water in our canals is in fact groundwater exposed through excavation and so as not to impact on the canal water levels, it is imperative that no groundwater abstraction points are established within 30m of any canals without permission from the CCPOA.”

 For further information on tapping into the Century City treated effluent supply or on groundwater extraction points please contact Gordon Ralph of the CCPOA on gordon@centurycity.co.za