Measures taken to combat traffic congestion

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Date 05 April 2017
Author Liesel

There was major traffic congestion in and around Century City much of last week mostly as a result of serious teething problems with the installation of the City of Cape Town’s new SCOOT system (an adaptive traffic control system for managing traffic signals). The City has apologised profusely for the inconvenience caused and their engineers worked throughout the week to rectify the problems. Thankfully by Friday the situation was much improved.

Last week’s traffic congestion was also exacerbated by lane closures for the construction of major sewerage works on Ratanga Road and we have been assured by the City that work on this infrastructure project will not commence before 9am and will stop by 3.30pm for the Festive Season.

So while we can expect a certain amount of traffic congestion over the Festive Season, along with other major shopping and entertainment precincts in Cape Town, the situation should be greatly improved from this week and we and the City will be closely monitoring the situation.

The CCPOA CCTV operators will keep a special look out for anything out of the ordinary on the roads, particularly during the morning and afternoon peak hour traffic over the Festive Season and our response vehicles will conduct a daily recce patrol of the main roads both inside and immediately adjacent to Century City around 3pm to check if the roads are clear.

The City of Cape Town Traffic Officer who is contracted by the CCPOA to provide traffic law enforcement in Century City and to assist with the management of traffic congestion particularly during peak hours is working the late afternoon shift this week. He did assist with point duties on top of Sable Road last week in an attempt to ease traffic flows while problems with the SCOOT system were being ironed out.

Going forward the  CCPOA is working closely with the Century City developer on a number of initiatives aimed at significantly improving traffic flows in and out of Century City. There are innovative plans for the upgrading of Sable Road and the Sable Road bridge intersection including additional lanes, a new exit out of the Bridgeways precinct and the radical reconfiguration of the traffic lanes on the bridge. In fact approximately R80 million has been earmarked for additional infrastructure - mainly related to the new development in the Bridgeways precinct - over the next few years.