Help us save water!

Century City Property Owners’ Association calls on all Century City stakeholders to do everything in their power to save water.

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Date 05 September 2017
Author Tatum Sieni
Contact Email info@centurycity.co.za
Contact Telephone +27 21 552 6889

In the face of the Western Cape experiencing its worst drought in 100 years, Level 5 water restrictions were introduced on 3 September by the City of Cape Town, in terms of which all businesses are required to reduce their water consumption by 20% from the previous year.

To assist them achieve this non-negotiable saving, commercial landlords are advised by Council to install water-efficient plumbing fittings and water-saving devices. We urge you to do this.

Century City is very fortunate to have the use of recycled water from the Potsdam Waterworks for all the irrigation of common areas in our precinct. This recycled water is pumped to Century City via our own private pipeline laid by the original developer. Not only does this help us keep our precinct lush and green but it also has the double benefit of reducing the amount of grey water that has to be pumped into the rivers, vleis and the sea.

A number of new builds at Century City, including many of the Green Star-rated buildings, have been plumbed to use this non-potable water to flush their toilets among other things. We will continue to explore other opportunities where this recycled water can be used to reduce our use of potable water.


Level 5 restrictions include:

  • No more than 87 litres per person per day wherever you are eg. home, work, school etc
  • Residential properties exceeding 20kl per month will be fined
  • Irrigation with municipal drinking water is prohibited and irrigation with borehole/wellpoint water is discouraged
  • Flushing toilets with non-drinking water is encouraged
  • Washing cars with municipal drinking water is prohibited
  • Use of municipal drinking water in water features or for topping up swimming pools prohibited