Five minutes with Louise de Roubaix

Environmental and Horticulture Manager for Century City

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Date 27 February 2020
Author Tatum Sieni
Contact Email info@centurycity.co.za
Contact Telephone +27 21 552 6889
URL Century City

Newly appointed Environmental and Horticulture Manager for Century City, Louise de Roubaix, is a born and bred in the Western Cape and has dedicated her life to caring for its fauna and flora.


Louise is originally from Paarl and grew up in Wellington in the heart of the Boland mountains. Louise studied Nature Conservation and has been working in the Environmental, Conservation & Urban Greening Industry for over 20 years. Her career started at the South African National Parks Board (Garden Route Area), whereafter she spent 8+ years as Conservation Manager with CapeNature, managing conservation areas and Extended Public Works Programs in the Boland & West Coast areas. Louise joined Drakenstein Municipality’s Parks & Nature Conservation Division for about 11 years as Conservationist, where she was responsible for overseeing the Municipality’s urban greening, public open spaces- and protected area management function. In 2019, she joined Marine Conservation and coral reef restoration projects for different International NGOs in the Seychelles. 


Born and bred in Paarl and Wellington, you spent 11 years conserving the natural heritage of Paarlberg.  Looking after a 1 910ha area is quite a challenge.  What were one or two highlights of your time spent there?


Drakenstein Municipality is regarded as the second largest municipality in the Western Cape, and therefore it was a privilege for me to oversee the Nature Conservation Function for the organisation. As an ever-evolving position, things were always interesting! What I enjoyed the most was living and working in the majestic Paarl Mountain Nature Reserve and looking after the area where I grew up.


Intaka Island differs substantially from the vast open spaces of Paarl and you will hopefully not encounter any leopards here!  What excites you most about being involved with this precious wetland in the midst of a mini-city?


What excites me most of this position is that the role is very diverse! It does not only involve the conservation of the Intaka Island Nature Reserve, but also includes Environmental Management of the entire Century City precinct.  My role is to ensure that sustainable development continues to take place and that does not compromise the green splendor and ecological functioning of the now established natural ecosystem. I also oversee the horticultural and landscaping, which includes the maintenance and upgrading of Century City’s beautiful green public open spaces, gardens, parks and lawned landscapes. The management of arboriculture or urban trees and the water canals system is also part of the overarching responsibilities. The concept of new urbanism excites me. When urban development is executed in a sustainable manner around the existing natural environment. When a man-made ecosystem can co-exist with a natural system and a balance between nature and people exists. I am very excited about working for an innovative and professional NPO such as CCPOA.


Besides carrying the flag for our beautiful environment, what other passions do you have?


I am passionate about animal rights and volunteer work. In my free time I love to do any kind of outdoors activity and sport, so I enjoy mountain biking, trail running, park runs, yoga and just generally try to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. I also love to travel both locally and abroad.