Century City Service Improvement Survey

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Date 05 April 2017
Author Liesel

Our recently completed third biennial service improvement survey has shown a pleasing improvement in the overall satisfaction of owners and stakeholders with regard to the running of Century City with no less than 89% of respondents rating their experience as excellent or good.

This compares favorably with 80%in the 2008 survey and 72% in 2006.

This year 8% rated their experience as fair, 2% said they did not know and only 1% rated it as poor.

The ratings of all individual key services - infrastructure, safety and security, transport, traffic management, environmental management, planning and regulations and marketing - are also up again this year.

Of these services, safety and security is ranked the most important by the majority of respondents followed by infrastructure management and maintenance.

What people most like about Century City is that it is safe and secure, clean and well maintained, its accessible convenient location, its natural environment and landscaping and the integrated urban lifestyle it offers.

What they least like is peak hour traffic congestion, speeding and the behavior of taxis drivers on Ratanga Road.

The survey was forwarded to owners and stakeholders electronically via newsflash, as well as being available on the website. It was also distributed at the AGM and from the CCPOA offices.

The survey forms part of the CCPOA's strategic planning process to inform our planning and budget process and to check whether our internal assessment correlates with owner and stakeholder perceptions.