Century City goes greener with LED lighting

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Date 05 April 2017
Author Liesel

Century City is further reducing its carbon footprint by rolling out LED lighting on the pedestrian pathways within the precinct with plans to extend this to street lights in the short to medium term.


Gordon Ralph, facilities and infrastructure manager for the Century City Property Owners’ Association, said that a pilot project comprising 58 pedestrian pathway lights along a 1km stretch between KnightsBridge and Waterview Park had recently been implemented and had yielded significant results.

“We converted the 70watt metal halogen lamps to 30watt LED lamps and have effected a 74% reduction in electricity usage which is enormous.

“In fact it has been so successful we intend rolling out the project to the balance of pedestrian walkways this year.”

The pilot pedestrian light project, he said, had cost around R52 000 but with the significant savings on electricity costs it would pay for itself within two years.  

Ralph said that it was possible they would also convert the street lights in Century City at a later stage depending on the outcome of a pilot project which is to be instituted in the new Bridgeways precinct which is being designed as an entirely green precinct and where three Green Star rated office buildings have been completed and a further R1billion of development is underway including a 900 seat conference centre, a business hotel, offices, showrooms and apartments.

Ralph said Evolution Energy had assisted the CCPOA with the pedestrian light conversion. 

“This is the same company that converted the CCPOA’s head office, Century City House as well as a number of other projects within the precinct, namely KnightsBridge, the Island Club entrance and the Oasis Care Centre.”