Century City Arts Foundation commissions water themed Sculpture

Winner Announced

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Date 29 October 2020
Author Fawaaz Essack
Contact Name Fawaaz Essack
Contact Email info@centurycity.co.za
Contact Telephone +27 21 552 6889
URL Century City Info

Century City Arts Foundation commissions a Water Themed Sculpture

The Century City Arts Foundation embarked on a Request For Proposal (RFP) for a public art project in August.  Artists were invited to submit a proposal for this exciting opportunity to provide an appropriately sized outdoor art piece to be displayed on an unused bridge abutment as part of the Century City Art Trail.  Located in the middle of the Grand Canal in front of Canal Walk Shopping Centre, this permanent outdoor installation will be highly visible to the many pedestrians (residents, office workers, shoppers, walkers and joggers) in the area.

Many exciting projects from local artists were submitted with the artists interpreting the brief as widely as possible.

“It was not an easy task to select only one project from a collection of unbelievable proposals” says John Chapman, Chairman of the Century City Arts Foundation.  “We were looking for that “wow” factor, an artwork that could be seen from all sides of the canal and would complement the water theme.”

The eventual winner was Callum Pickard, installation artist, for his concept of “Pair of Otters”.

“My vision is to create a pair of otters perched on the plinth in the middle of the river (each of them around 4m tall when standing), made from lightweight steel and delicately blending into the river landscape as if they are very much part of the surrounding scene.” says Callum. “I want to make the steel framework quite visually delicate, so that the sculpture is almost like a little memory of two otters standing there but being blown away in the breeze. This will be achieved by creating them from a framework made of thin bars, that fade away to nothing towards the back of each otter. The front portion of each figure will be small steel plates and slightly more solid segments, which show off the muscles, front side and face of the otters with some character, and as you progress backwards, the more solid panels and mussels on the front, will fade to mesh as they progress around each figure, and eventually nothing as they trail off behind the figures, almost as though they are being slowly blown away.”

Callum is a multidisciplinary artist producing artworks both in his own private capacity, as well as on a contractual basis, together with a variety of teams and organisations, usually relatively large-scale public art installations.  Over the years, he embarked on numerous travels and worked at various of the regional Burning events (such as AfrikaBurn in South Africa and Nowhere in Spain), both by receiving grants to create artworks, and by joining crews that are involved in the construction of these artworks and the infrastructure that goes with them.

This new artwork will form part of the Century City Arts Trail and will receive its own plaque and number.  There are currently 23 artworks in the trail, with the aim of expanding this collection to a substantial arts destination.

“Pair of Otters” is scheduled to be completed by the middle of December.