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Embracing the principles of new urbanism, Century City is a 250ha mixed-use development in Cape Town combining office, retail, residential, leisure and environmental components in an integrated urban environment. 

The CCPOA and many of its major Stakeholders are continually working at reducing their carbon footprint within Century City. To this end there are a number of measures the CCPOA has undertaken.

As a development, Century City offers all the conventional services such as bulk electrical, water, irrigation and waste water infrastructure, road and pedestrian access, communal-use areas and landscaping. 
However, in line with the aims to become a sustainable settlement, the following is also offered:

Public and Environmental amenities within close proximity to one another
Ease of access to public transport
Water Infrastructure with lower embodied environmental impact
Integration of sensitive ecological system into an urban environment
Planning of a comprehensive Integrated Waste Management Plan for the whole of Century  City

Facts & Figures

•    250 hectares of new urban mini-city within a city
•    More than 160 000 m2 office space occupied
•    More than 3000 homes completed (excluding hotels)
•    Over 400 shops in Canal Walk alone
•    Approximately 60 000 people working and living Century City
•    8 km of navigable canals
•    5 km of running tracks along the canals, excluding roadside paths. 

•    6 different means of mass transport available
•    Approximately 16 km from Cape Town City Centre and 14 km from Bellville by road
•    2 Public Transport Interchanges within Century City
•    8 future IRT bus stops within Century City
•    98 bus trips per week 
•    100 000 passengers monthly on the Internal Shuttle Service
•    4805 commuters from the Century City Train Station daily

•    Pipeline of 125 l/s of recycled water from Potsdam Sewage Treatment Plant
•    83 000 m3 of stormwater storage capacity in the canals

•    16 hectares of wetlands, bird sanctuary and associated canal system
•    7 different habitats provided in the conservation area
•    212 species of indigenous plants
•    24 plant species on the Red Data list
•    120 bird species (including migratory birds)

Read our full Green Initiatives document here

Sustainable Development
Century City is at the forefront of sustainable development aimed at reducing the precinct’s carbon footprint.

It is home to the first Five Star Green Star building, Aurecon which was developed by the Rabie Property Group, a second five star green star rated building, Chevron, as well as two 4-Star Green Star rated buildings - the Business Centre, Philip Morris, both of which were also developed by Rabie.
Aurecon and Chevron are both 5 Star Green Star rated buildings 

Chevron, the Business Centre and Philip Morris have all received Green Star Ratings in the v1 Design category and are also registered with the Green Building Council of South Africa aiming for Green Star ratings in the “As Built” category. All three buildings are situated in the Bridgeways precinct which is being sustainably designed in its entirety and where a R1billion Urban Square with a 900 seat conference centre, a business hotel, offices, showrooms and apartments is now also under construction.

Other buildings in Century City going after a green star rating from the Green Building Council of South Africa include:
•    Bridge Park East and West, an 18 000 square metre office development also in the Bridgeways development, being undertaken in a joint venture between Rabie Property Group and Growthpoint which is going for a  5-Star Green Star SA Office v1 Design rating. 
•    Horizon Capital’s Ibis House in The Estuaries Office Park which is targeting a 4 Star Green Star As Built rating 
•    AssetMatrix’s Estuaries Plaza, recently rebranded Old Mutual Wealth, which is registered with  the Green Building Council  of South Africa with a view towards achieving a 4-Star Green Star rating. 
•    AssetMatrix’s No 17  Park Lane, due for completion at the end of 2014, which is aiming for a 5-Star Green Star Office v1 Design rating.
•    The Business Centre and Philip Morris are also going after a Green Star rating in the As Built category.