We’re back: Environmental teams hard at work!

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Date 21 May 2020

Although the Intaka Island Nature Reserve and Eco-Centre facilities have remained closed to visitors in terms of Alert Level 4 of the Disaster Management Act (DMA), our management team was working hard behind the scenes during level 5 to prepare for the easement of lockdown. This made it possible for the first of our teams to return to work on the 6th of May and the remainder of staff in a phased manner thereafter.

Initially the focus has been to ensure the workplace is safe and clean for staff, and to ensure we are meeting our legal obligations in terms of the OHS COVID-19 Measures for the Workplace. This included induction training for all staff. In addition, our cleaning staff continuously clean and sanitize the various premises throughout the workday, to guarantee the highest level of hygiene for all staff.

Our teams have mainly been focussing on improving the water quality and condition of the canals and other water bodies.

The water quality team has been very busy harvesting aquatic plants and removing litter from the canals, according to a prioritised workplan. The lockdown period created a significant backlog and it will take some time to get the canals back to the highest of standard.

The environmental and Intaka Island teams have been focussing on clearing floating aquatic plants from the cells of Intaka Island. We are already seeing the positive impact of this with increased water flow, which in the long term will promote oxygen conduction to the underwater habitat. It also opens the surface level habitat for wader birds that feed and breed on the island.

The remainder of our teams are focusing on cutting back some overgrown parts of the periphery around the canal banks. They are also currently cutting back the bushes adjacent to the walkways along the canals to ensure residents have ample space to practice social distancing whilst out on their permitted morning runs, dog walks or cycles.

Landscaping is not a permitted service under Alert Level 4 and we cannot yet get back to cutting the grass and weeding and planting the landscaped gardens. As soon as Level 3 kicks in, we will shift the focus to getting the beautiful landscaped public open spaces back into tip top shape!

We would like to thank the Century City community for their ongoing support and patience during these challenging times.

As we celebrate International Day for Biological Diversity, CCPOA’s Environmental Teams are proud to be contributing to a healthy environment and working to build a future where our daily living is in harmony with nature.