Oasis Luxury Retirement Resort | A sense of community during lockdown

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Date 22 April 2020
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During a national lockdown where social interaction is prohibited and isolation is the word of the day, how do we still create a sense of community without putting our most vulnerable community members at risk?

For the residents of Oasis Luxury Retirement Resort, it was particularly bad news to hear that due to the higher risk age bracket, they would have to buckle down hard for the foreseeable future. 

Management, led by General Manager, Karen Rae, jumped into action long before the lockdown was announced.  Protocols such as hand sanitizer across the buildings, closure to outside visitors and the cancellation of all gatherings were first on the list.  The staff complement was reduced, and empty apartments were made available for the remaining staff to live in, thereby reducing daily travelling.  Residents volunteered to man the front desk, keeping social distancing in place at all times. 

“We are truly blessed to be living in Oasis during this time” says Ron O’Brien, Chairman of the ORPOA Board. “Even though we have a reduced menu, we can still order three meals a day, which is available on a take-away basis or delivered to your front door.  We have amazing staff looking after all the logistics for us. Being within Century City is an added bonus - we know that we’re safe and should anything be required, it’s within reach.”

“We stay in touch with one another, with most residents adopting the "buddy system", generally per floor.” O’Brien continues. “We’ve even had a board meeting via Zoom, as well as a digital wine evening. A new experience for sure!”

Next up is a chair exercise class on individual balconies, with a biokinetisist leading the class from the garden below.  “We want to encourage the sense of community and need to get people moving – even if it’s just a little.  Every effort will be made to ensure everyone's safety of course.” says Karen Rae.  “Lockdown has now become a norm at Oasis. Back to basics – some parts of the luxury lifestyle have been put on the back burner, while the focus is on safety, nourishment, and protection.  And of course, a spotlight on mental health, balanced with a commitment to obey the law during this period. Technology is more useful than ever; WhatsApp groups are active, and Director’s meetings have moved to Zoom.”

Let us all take a leaf from the book of this wonderful community within Century City:  remaining positive and healthy, while embracing change.