Oasis Luxury Resort appoints new general manager

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Date 23 November 2020

With a heartfelt wave goodbye to Karen Rae, the exiting General Manager, Oasis Luxury Resort welcomed their new General Manager, Sharon Loynes recently. 

Sharon has always been involved in the catering side; starting off as a young waitress and loving the industry.  She went on to The Lord Charles and was part of the opening team progressing to the Food and Beverage Control Manager, whereafter she was promoted to the Assistant Food and Beverage Manager, fulfilling this role for 4 to 5 years. She joined Club Mykonos in Langebaan and thereafter the Feedem Group in the kitchen, managing staff.  She left to start a little catering business but went back to Feedem for 19 years.  Her experience includes working in hospitals and old age homes; got involved with many Retirement Village projects; the planning out of kitchens; the operations; setting up; the laundry, housekeeping. 

“Oasis came along, and essentially working in this environment was my ultimate goal. Not one to back out from a challenge, I accepted, and now I am doing a hundred percent what I love, and I have learned so much already, even at my ripe age of 55!” says Sharon. “This new position at Oasis has opened up a whole new world for me: a whole new exciting learning experience!”

“The pandemic has taught me how important relationships are! Human contact is so essential.  We learnt to value relationships, to support each other, at work and home, accept support where offered, continue to support people, and look deeper than just that surface complaint. Many times, it’s what isn’t said that one must listen for.”