New aquatic harvester to help improve water quality in canals

Century City has acquired a second Aquatic Plant Harvester to manage the aquatic plants within our 7km of canals.

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Date 22 May 2017

Manufactured by Aquarius Systems based in Wisconsin in the United States, the new harvester is a model H-430 which has a carrying capacity four times that of the existing harvester and it has been busy at work since it landed in March.

Alan Liebenberg, Environment and Amenities Manager for the CCPOA, said the new harvester represented a significant investment in maintaining the Century City waterways.

“The amount of aquatic plants needing to be harvested has increased dramatically over the past year and the new addition will enable the CCPOA to better manage the aquatic plants within our canal systems, and in doing so improve the water quality and the recreational benefit.”

Liebenberg said the new harvester was being used in the larger open water canals while the

old harvester was being deployed on the smaller canals.