Lockdown heroes | taking care of our hood

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Date 22 April 2020

As we’re all holed up inside during the national lockdown, essential services are braving the outside world every day to make sure that our Century City hood is safe and taken care of, uninterrupted.

Our security heroes

All our security personnel are on heightened alert and the security workforce has, to date, been at full strength.  They’re reinforcing the entrances to Century City and increasing the response team vehicle patrols in all public spaces.  Our traffic officers are supporting this strategy with additional vehicle patrols in Century City.  In addition, Milnerton Traffic and City of Cape Town Law Enforcement have been instituting daily checkpoints in and around the precinct.

Our 24/7 Security Operations Centre (SOC) is fully operational and the limited activity in the precinct is being monitored closely on CCTV.  All security management teams are working from the SOC and there are regular engagements with Milnerton SAPS, City Traffic, and Canal Walk, as well as the residential estates stakeholders for updates on the intelligence picture.  Daily operational meetings are being used to identify and prioritise high-risk areas and weekly simulation exercises are undertaken to ensure operational readiness.

Our maintenance and cleaning heroes

During the lockdown period, critical maintenance services have continued at Century City. Each day, a manager and staff members are emptying the litter bins along the pedestrian walkways. The roadways are also being kept clean to prevent stormwater blockages, now that the winter wet season has arrived.

Our teams are also attending to emergency pipe repairs and sewer and stormwater blockages, as and when they occur. Where necessary, the manager is engaging with the City of Cape Town to ensure that they attend to their areas of responsibility timeously.

Staff members who reside in Summer Greens and Joe Slovo were selected to work over this period as they can walk to Century City, thereby avoiding public transport. They have been supplied with the appropriate safety gear to minimise risks.

Our SOC has also continued to play a critical role in logging and reporting maintenance requirements to the City of Cape Town and the CCPOA management team.

With our lockdown heroes, we can sleep well at night, with the full knowledge that our hood is taken care of!  Thank you to our wonderful staff for keeping the wheels turning and looking after Century City and its community.