Hardi & Son hard at work

For those of you who travel by train you would have noticed two artists beavering away bringing a burst of colour to the pedestrian underpass tunnel closest to the Railway Station.

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Date 29 March 2017

Father and son artists Hardi and Calvin Raubenheimer are transforming the tunnel into a vibrant, joyful welcome for Century City commuters with graphic depictions of birdlife and vegetation of Intaka Island on the one side and a map of Century City on the other.

The roof still has to be done but we will unveil that in due course.  Hardi & Son are almost half way through so in a few weeks’ when it is finished it should really be worth a visit!

It is already enthralling commuters with a number stopping to take a closer look or a picture on their cellphones.

The tunnels will form one of 24 exhibits in the Century City Arts Trail we will be launching on 25 April.

For more information, visit www.centurycity.co.za/century-city-art-trail