Curro High School opens with 127 learners in two grades

The new Curro High School opened in January with an enrolment of 127 learners in grades 8 and 9.

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Date 26 January 2017

Executive Head, Sean Friedenthal, said there were three classes in both grades and with the 861 learners in the primary school, total enrolment at Curro Century City was now at 988.

The new campus comprises 24 classrooms, four laboratories, computer rooms, consumer studies kitchen, a cafeteria and an administration block. 

While the entire high school campus has been built only Grades 8 & 9 have been opened this year. The other grades will be phased in from next year to ensure continuity for the learners, said Friedenthal.

“Curro is committed to academic and personal success for all our students. We believe that children are creators of their own future. They are naturally thoughtful and curious, and they work to gain understanding of the world they live in. The campus is designed to accommodate their exploring minds. The indoor pool has created much excitement and we are looking forward to swimming and waterpolo for both boys and girls.”

The high school will share facilities with the primary school campus which include a hall and sports field.

Curro Century City was the group’s first new concept “City school” which has a bigger academic focus than the traditional larger Curro campuses but still offers a variety of sports facilities including tennis courts, a multi-purpose field, two Fives soccer courts and a “beautiful” indoor swimming pool.