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Wayfinding pedestrian map being rolled out

22 February 2016


A cutting-edge map and signage system to help pedestrians find their way around Century City is being rolled out.

Susan Smit of HHO, who is part of the design team on the project, says the Century City pedestrian map in particular has been  inspired by the  world class New York City pedestrian wayfinding system.

“The CCPOA approached us to build on the accessible and tactile wayfinding work done for the MyCiTi project for the City of Cape Town.

“Where the MyCiTi project focussed on wayfinding information for the users of the public transport facilities, the Century City project expands the concept to all users of the public environment in and around Century City. 

“Both projects include a so-called family of wayfinding signs. These comprise strategically located maps, directional panels and tactile pictograms.  The maps and signs are considered fully accessible as a result of the tactile differences of the signs that has been achieved by using unique and locally developed printing production methods.” 

The design of the Century City signage is also pictogram driven, thereby spanning language barriers. All signage will be positioned at a consistent height of around 900mm off ground level, says Smit. 

She said “Squircle” shape of the map, which is somewhere between a circle and a square, lends itself beautifully to accommodating an irregular geographic shape such as Century City in an elegant map. This shape also allows for the rotation of the map to the actual orientation, without sacrificing any part of the content

The design team consists of HHO, Visualine, AG Architectural Design and Disability Solutions.