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Walkways and Canal Edge Repairs

28 April 2015

You may have noticed that in recent weeks the water level in the canals has been very low.

This was because the CCPOA had to undertake repair work to sections of the canal edge and walkways.

Engineers are currently repairing the canal edge adjacent to Bougain Villas and a short section along Waterstone West. The CCPOA has also taken the opportunity to complete repairs to the gabion wire baskets surrounding Intaka Island and to the concrete walls along the Grand Canal.

Faciities manager, Gordon Ralph says that as per the survey completed last year, they took the opportunity to conduct a second photographic and GPS survey of the whole canal system to identify any damaged canal edges and additional build-up of silt. 

“These have been plotted onto a Google earth map for record purposes and provide a snapshot of the current condition of all canal edges and in future years will assist in determining a rate of deterioration.”