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Two new sustainability exhibits for Intaka Island

29 June 2016

 Aquaponics at Intaka Island


Intaka Island, the award-winning 16ha wetlands reserve in the heart of Century City which has seen visitor numbers soar in recent years, has added two new sustainability exhibits – an aquaphonics system and a wind turbine -  to its Eco-Centre

Alan Liebenberg -  Century City Environmental Manager -  said aquaphonics is a system that combines conventional aquaculture - that is the raising of aquatic animals - with hydroponics, which is the cultivation of plant in water, in a symbiotic environment.
“Our exhibit, designed and built by water-quality specialist Louis-Gillis Janse van Rensberg, comprises two tanks – one with deep water which is home to fish and a second with shallower water, pebbles and plant floaters.
“Nutrient rich water from the fish tank flows into the other tank where the plants  strip out the nutrients and polish the water before it is pumped back into the fish tank.
“As such it mimics a natural wetland system.”

He said the second new exhibit, the wind turbine, located at the foot of the Intaka Island bridge, was helping Intaka achieve its long term goal of being completely off the grid by working in tandem with the photovoltaic panels on the roof of the Eco-Centre to assist in charging the Centre's batteries.

Intaka Island is open to the general public daily, except Christmas Day from 7.30am until 5.30pm in Winter and 7pm in Summer.

For further details contact Alan or Adele on 021 5526889 or go to