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Tanya wins Hermanus Whale Festival 21km!

06 October 2015


Century City Athletic Club runner Tanya Posthumus-Fox, who is sponsored by the Century City Property Owners’ Association, won the Hermanus Whale Festival 21km this past weekend in a time of 1:29:40.
What makes this doubly special is that this is the first sub 90 minutes Tanya has achieved for a 21km race.
Tanya, who came second in the same race last year, says she felt more relaxed and calm than ever before during a race. 
And although it is only a week apart Tanya is planning to compete in the Gun Run 21km this Saturday, the day after her 35th birthday.

“So I will have to keep the celebrations at bay until after the race!,” she quipped.
Tanya says she would not normally race again so soon.

“However, it is now two years since I did the Gun Run, and I really have a bone to pick with this particular race, as the last time I did it I was forced to literally walk the last 5km due to injury. 
“That was a breaking point for me, but I then started training under the guidance of my current coach just  one month after that incident, and I have never felt stronger. 

“So I shall inevitably improve on my previous Gun Run performance. However, I shall not be putting too much pressure on myself for this race, as I shall still have Hermanus very much in my legs. “

Tanya said her legs are very stiff and sore post-race, especially due to all the hills in the Hermanus race, but she will be visiting her physiotherapist again this week to help prepare her body.

She added that there are a couple of other Track Events (800m, 1500m and 5000m) on the horizon, as well as some shorter road races (10-15km) coming up.

“However, my next 21km Road Race after Gun Run that I shall be training towards is the HFPA Half Marathon in November that starts at Seaside Village Blouberg and runs towards Melkbos.”