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Switch off and Save!

25 May 2015

Century City Property Owners’ Association calls on all stakeholders to switch off non-essential lights and electrical appliances at night to help minimize load shedding.

Chris Blackshaw, CEO of the CCPOA,  said that driving around Century City at night he had been struck by how many office buildings had lights blazing throughout.
“The South African Property Owners’ Association, the voice of commercial property in the country, has called on its members to reduce electricity consumption to minimize loadshedding for everyone’s benefit. 

“We in turn call on our stakeholders to support this campaign and switch off non-essential lights and electrical appliances including television monitors, geysers, photocopiers and computers at night.” 
Blackshaw said with the country’s electricity supply under severe strain resulting in increasing instances of load shedding all stakeholders needed to band together to implement initiatives to reduce demand on the grid.

 “Century City is the third largest commercial node in the Western Cape and as such is a significant consumer of electricity. If we pull together we can make a real difference.”