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Rollout of direction finding signs nears completion

24 February 2015

Gordon Ralph - Century City Faciities Manager

The major rollout of a “family” of direction finding signs at Century City by the CCPOA is now entering the final phase and is due to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2015.

Gordon Ralph, Facilities and Infrastructure Manager for the CCPOA, said the design and commissioning process of the package of signs had included large directional signs located on Century Boulevard and Century Avenue, precinct markers and precinct boundary markers and street name signs. 

The final phase of the hierarchy of signs involves the roll-out of street number signs and this is now under way.

“We have completed the development of the design of two types of street numbers signs and have begun rolling these out in Edison Way and The Estuaries.  The concrete pedestal or building plate street number signs will be supplied and erected at the CCPOA’s cost, to each building in these two precincts over the next month.”

He said the type of sign installed at each property will depend on the location of the building in relation to the street with the concrete bollard being installed where the building is set back from the street and the plate used where the building or a wall is in close proximity to the street.

The large directional signs have Century City themed images on the back and these are refreshed from time to time. The current images are sports based featuring images taken from the annual Century City Sports Festival.

Ralph says each of the nine  precincts in Century City has its  own identity delineated by a particular colour and logo which is carried through on precinct and boundary markers as well as street name signs and street number signs. The precinct markers also display the Century City Pedestrian Map.

The roll-out of a hierarchy of direction finding signs at Century City has been designed to help people find their way around the precinct.

We ask all stakeholders to also make use of their full postal address. For example:

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