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MyCiTi Service to Century City starts on November 30.

12 November 2013

The City of Cape Town’s integrated rapid transit system, MyCiTi, is to be extended to the Century City area from 30 November 2013.

With the launch of the new route 251 (Century City - Montague Gardens), the existing Century City Shuttle service will be phased out and certain minibus taxis will no longer operate. Commuters using these services will need to be prepared for the change over to MyCiTi.
One of the most important changes is that everyone aged four years and over wishing to use a MyCiTi bus needs a myconnect card loaded with money or Mover points for travel. Mover points offer a saving of at least 20% on all fares. No cash is accepted on the buses.

Unlike the current R4 fare for using the Shuttle, MyCiTi’s distance-based fare system charges fares based on the distance in kilometres travelled, grouped into distance bands of 0-5km, 5-10km, 10-20km, 20-30km, 30-60km, and more than 60km.  You pay slightly more in Peak periods – between 06:30 and 08:30 and between 16:00 and 18:00, weekdays only. If you travel outside these hours, or on weekends and public holidays, you pay the cheaper Saver fares. Trips within Century City start at R4.40 during Saver periods using Mover points.

When you start your journey at a MyCiTi bus stop you must tap in by holding your myconnect card against the ‘IN’ validator as you board the bus. When you end your journey at a MyCiTi bus stop, you must tap out by holding your card against the ‘OUT’ validator as you leave the bus. If you start or end your journey at a station, such as Omuramba, you need to tap against the station access gates and not on the bus. You must tap in and tap out correctly to pay your fare and avoid penalties.

Passengers are able to buy pre-loaded cards during the activation days at the 2 PTI points in Century City. Cards are R55 which includes the card and R30 mover points.
CLICK HERE for Free card activation dates

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Can I use cash on MyCiTi?
No. Instead of paying a flat fare of R4 in cash or using a monthly ticket, users need to get a myconnect smartcard loaded with money or Mover points.

2. Where can I get a myconnect card?
You can get a free card loaded with 30 Mover points for R30 at the free card pre-launch activations.
You can also buy a myconnect card for R25 at MyCiTi stations, including the Omuramba station in Racecourse Road, or from participating retailers across the city.  Negotiations with a number of Century City retailers are underway and once confirmed these details will be carried on the Century City website and communicated to the public.
We suggest you visit one of these sales points before the new service starts to get your myconnect card and find out more about how the system works.
For a full list of station kiosks and retailers where you can buy your card and load money or points, visit

3. How much does a myconnect card cost?
The City of Cape Town is waiving the R25 fee for myconnect cards during pre-launch promotions at Century City. You pay just R30 for the card preloaded with 30 Mover points (1 point = 1 Rand). If you miss the promotional offer, you will have to get a myconnect card for the usual R25 and load it with money or Mover points before you travel.

4. Who needs to get a myconnect card?
Everyone over the age of 4 years must have their own myconnect card.

5. How long does it take to get a card?
It generally takes five minutes to get a card, choose a pin and load credit.  The free cards are already loaded with 30 Mover points and are all issued with a default PIN of 1111, which you can change at a MyCiTi station kiosk. Remembering the PIN is important because you need to use it every time you load money and check your balance.
Given that there are about 4 000 Century City Shuttle service users who need to get cards, we advise you to get yours early to avoid lengthy queues.

6. How much will the new service cost?
This will depend on how far you are going, as fares will change from the current R4 fare to a distance-based fare system.  Fares are calculated from where you first tap in to where you tap out at the end of your journey. Tap in by holding your myconnect card against the validator when start your journey and tap out by doing the same when you end it. You must do this correctly or a penalty fare will be charged.
Fares also vary according to the time you start your journey.  Slightly higher fares are charged if you tap in between 06:30 and 08:30 or between 16:00 and 18:00 on weekdays. At all other times, you travel in the Saver period and pay less.
There are also two ways to load value onto your myconnect card. Load any amount of money and you will pay Standard fares, but you can also use this money to pay for small purchases (like a debit card) at retail stores. Load Mover points (starting at R80) and you will save more than 20% on the Standard fare, but you can only use this for MyCiTi fares.

7. How to calculate your fare: