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Managing Traffic Flow

18 June 2014

Any successful mixed-use development of the size of Century City, particularly one that includes a major regional shopping centre, generates heavy traffic flows especially in the morning and afternoon peaks and over holiday periods.

Chris Blackshaw, CEO of the CCPOA, said that apart from the odd occasion when a major traffic incident in Century City or a bottleneck on the surrounding national and/or arterial roads had adversely impacted on Century City  traffic flows, traffic within the precinct generally keeps moving even at peak traffic times.

Having said that,  the CCPOA was taking extensive measure to further improve peak traffic flows.
These include:

•    CCPOA CCTV operators keep a special look out for anything out of the ordinary on the Century City and surrounding roads, and response vehicles are immediately despatched to deal with any problems that are identified.  
•    The timings of the traffic signals are constantly monitored and any required adjustments are immediately reported to the City of Cape Town’s Traffic Management Centre for attention.  
•    The eight CCTV cameras erected this year which focus on traffic management have greatly improved Control Room visibility and response times.
•    The City of Cape Town Traffic Officer, who is contracted by the CCPOA to provide traffic law enforcement in Century City, and the two City of Cape Town Law Enforcement Officers, are deployed to assist with the management of traffic congestion particularly during peak hours. They, together with CCPOA Venue Hosts, have been undertaking point duties on an ad hoc basis when required.
•    Following a lengthy application and approval process, two Outsurance points men have been deployed during the afternoon peak at the Steel Bridge Intersection since mid-may. 
•    The Century City traffic guidance and vehicle messaging system (VMS) pilot project is proceeding well and four VMS structures are due to be installed and operational during August.
•    Agreement in principle has been reached with the South African National Roads Agency and the Traffic Management Centre for all three parties to have controlled access to each other’s CCTV networks for traffic management and safety and security purposes.  This will enable the CCPOA Control Room to view in real time what is happening on the adjacent national and main arterial roads.