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Intaka Island Controlled Burn

16 April 2014



A controlled “biodiversity” burn on the Eastern side of Intaka Island nature reserve in Century City 
was successfully completed over six hours on  Monday.
Alan Liebenburg, Century City Environmental Officer, said the burn was required in terms of the Century City Environmental Management Plan (EMP) and endorsed by the Intaka Island Blouvlei Management Committee.
“The EMP requires that the Sand Plan Fynbos on the northern half of Intaka Island has to be burnt every 15 years to stimulate new growth and ensure that plant and animal communities remain healthy. Without fire, Fynbos becomes senescent and Forest and Thicket elements begin invading,” he said.
“By managing the fynbos on Intaka Island, the Century City Property Owners’ Association (CCPOA) plays a role in conserving the Cape Floral Kingdom, which is the smallest of the six Floral Kingdoms in the world, and is the only one contained in its entirety within a single country.
Liebenburg said a third of the fynbos area was burnt this year and there were plans to  burn the remaining fynbos over the next four years, the timing of which would depend on how quickly the first area recovered. 
On receiving a permit from the City of Cape Town, the burn was conducted by a professional service provider and monitored by the CCPOA during the procedure and for three days afterwards.